September 23, 2017

Goodbye September

well, here i go saying it again.... time just flies.  september came and went .... or is just about "went".  geeze.  did i accomplish anything?  sure i did.  is it worth mentioning?  probably not!  i, once again, cleaned out stamps, put some stamp sets that i had separated back together again, cataloged them and reorganized.  seems endless!

one of my neighborhood craft stores asked if i would put my cards in her store!  now THAT'S exciting.  soooooooo, there's another thing i need to do... go thru my cards and see what'll fit in her "country-style" store.  heck!  they ALL will!  LOL.

anyway, here's one that's going there....

she said she needed sympathy.  easy peasy here...
washi tape and pan pastels.  i LOVE the pan pastels!

well, the last week of september will be busy for me.  i have a wedding on sunday; eye doctor on tuesday and meeting up with a FB friend on thursday.  soooooooooooo, happy fall y'all!

September 12, 2017

Blue Ribbon Birthday

my heart and prayers go out to TEXAS and FLORIDA and any other state / country hit by storms and/or disasters.  so far where i am at the weather has been gorgeous!!!  we are blessed and my praying has been very heavy these past few weeks.

not much else going on for me.  i FINALLY got my stamps (again) put back together and cataloged.  i'm good to go there.

my card inventory is good and i had a fabulous sale yesterday.  a neighbor brought her mom by and she purchased 25 of my cards!  now how fun is that!!!!  of course, with all the chatting and laughing we were doing i  NEVER marked which ones she took.  soooooooo, now there's a weekly chore for me... going thru the cards i have and checking off the ones on my inventory list.  always something!  but hey!  it keeps me (a) off the computer and all the crap on it and (2) out of trouble and the stores.  i'm happy.

in between it all, i did get in some playtime...

playing with stampin' up's BLUE RIBBON set.  wasn't sure
if i liked it, but it works.

well, once again, have a great week, stay safe.  i'm praying for all of you.

September 03, 2017


my-o-my.  did august zip by?  seems like it just stayed a little while and not a whole month.  my mother was RIGHT!!!  the older you get, the faster time flies.

 september has arrived.  my house has been opened up all week.  love that!  tomorrow, labor day, is supposed to be the warmest - almost 90 degrees - and then into the 60s.  weird!  but then, weather has been weird all around.  the flood in texas, the fires in california, the unrest every place else.  what a mess!  i sure been doing alot of praying lately!!!!

it's been quiet here.  the busyness is the fair is getting ready to open it's gates on wednesday and go til sunday.  150+ years of the SANDWICH FAIR!  the official close of summer in our small town!

as for me, i've been quiet.  got all the labels done for my stamp folders; put some sets back together and i did get some playtime in....

i found this set ... PERFECT PETALS by stampin up (1999)
in my local consignment shop for $3.  this is just one of 3 
more flowers that are in the set.  i HAD to grab it!

son and grandson came by.  you would think i would grab my phone OR my camera and take tons of pictures of him as he's getting soooooo big!  but do i?  nooooooooooooooo!  never even enters my mind..... until they leave!  boo hoo!  bad gramma!

he is just too darn cute and soooooooo very active.  he ran around the yard, the house (inside and outside), we played ball, just on and on.  the dog is TERRIFIED of him and can't get away from him fast enough.  liam ALWAYS says... "neenah no like me."  nope.  she doesn't.  who couldn't help but like this cutie????  but then, she's a dog.

one of his favorite places... TARGET.  the other
is WALMART.  he's a shopper for sure!

well, HAPPY SEPTEMBER.  hope you get to enjoy all that "pumpkin spice" stuff that is already on the shelves!

thanks for visiting!

August 28, 2017

Fall is in the Air

welcome to the last week in august!  boy this month zoomed by!  weather is fall-like and the house has been opened up almost all week.  if only it would be like this all the time (dreamer right????)

not much going on. i lead such an exciting life!  however, i like it just the way it is!!!!. i've been working on making new labels for my stamp envelopes.  had to go to a larger print - go figure LOL.  it didn't really need it, but i'm OCD like that.  everything must be uniform!!!  here's something to show you just how dumb i can be....

i printed out the labels on regular typing paper.  cut in columns and ran thru my 510 xyron.  go thru 1 and 1/2 cartridges BEFORE i realized... holy crap!  i could have used my xyron 900 and run the entire page thru it!  duh!  by then, it was all done anyway!  talk about dumb???  and the 900 has never even been out of the box.  can we say..... i have way too much stuff?????
anyway, the labeling is just about done and i'm a happy camper.

i did get some playtime in.....

found these laser cut cards in my stash and
thought... how pretty.  i should use them.
so i added an olive green strip behind the cuts and
this is the result!  i'm happy!

well, labor day weekend is just about here and then next wednesday thru sunday is the SANDWICH FAIR which officially ends summer.  kids have off from school for it too!!!  i AM looking forward to getting out the fall decor and, of course, everything pumpkin spice!

sure hope your start of fall is as exciting - or more so - than mine!

in case you didn't see it on FB, i've closed my GLITTERBABE GREETINGS GROUP.  all it was was double posting of the same things, so i'm just staying with my FB page.  you can find all my posts there!


have a great week!

August 21, 2017

The Great Eclipse

so today, august 21, 2017 is supposed to be a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!  exciting huh?
i'm having no part of it.  it's like the advertisement for meds.... all the side effects are worse than the original intent.  oh!  don't get me wrong... i think it's a great thing to be able to say... i lived thru a TOTAL ECLIPSE.
 i did not buy glasses; i did not make glasses; i will keep my blinds closed and i can only HOPE puppy does not have to go out in the middle of it ... LOL.  however, it IS totally amazing - even if i don't watch it!

the weather has been half summer / half fall.  a few days opened up house, a few days a/c on.  typical... tho i'm still wondering whatever happened to june, july & august of summer.

school started friday.  the kids went in for 2 hours.... which in my opinion is so totally ridculous.  they had 2 days before to meet their teachers and check out the school.  2 hours for a friday???  dumb in my opinion.  but then, why should i even care as i'm way past school age!

i found some cards in my stash that i made several years ago.  they are all 5x5 in size and holy moly!  i sure was impressed.  anyway... i'm posting them on FB for $1 each.  here's a few of what i found....

how fun are they?  i have about 10 more.

well, that's been my week.  all else is good.  thanks for stopping by!

August 13, 2017


and now it's the middle of august.  the weather has been almost fall-like and i've been able to open up the house... at least for a few hours.  again... i have NO TREES so no shade and my yard is against a very open green area so even with the windows and doors wide open, it can be 75 and nice outside but will reach between 80-85 inside.  that means... the air goes on.  at this point, i can't wait for fall when the humidity goes down and maybe, just maybe, my windows can stay open and the a/c off!

i've been cleaning out my stamps and have some for sale.  you can find them on my FB page.

not much else has been going on.  august has been busy so far and is slowing down.  school starts on the 18th.  i feel for those kids.  they go back the 1st day (which is a friday) for just 2 hrs. then heaven knows what a stupid schedule for the next 2 weeks of the month; then the FAIR starts the 1st week of september and the kids get off for that.  the SANDWICH FAIR is the official END OF SUMMER here in the midwest.  i don't go.  it's way too expensive and way too hard to walk on that uneven ground.  i refuse to pay $7 for a funnel cake (which would be the ONLY reason i go) or $45 for a sweatshirt!  not happening here!

i held a FLASH SALE on my cards and was very pleased with the results!  that sale did way better than the 2 stores where i had them in ever did - go figure.  i will be holding another one early november on christmas cards!

in the meantime... i did get some playing in...

i'm in desperate need of sympathy cards!!!
they and thank you cards were the biggest sellers 
of my flash sale.
anyway, easy peasy... a little embossing, some scraps and a stamp.

well, i'm so glad you stopped by.  hope your weather is enjoyable for you and that you are being VERY crafty!

August 07, 2017

Welcome August

well, another month closer to fall!  boy time flies!

not much going on around here.  weather is cool and house opened up.  hoping that when winter gets here it won't be very "snowy".  cold i'll take, but snow???  may be pretty, but ugh!

got some playtime in with my new FSJ stamps...

this image is called LOVELY DAY and comes with a sentiment.
you can find it HERE 
click on catalog and it's on page 81.
the so sorry is a die from Impression Obsession.  it's just 
a "sorry" die.  i cut the "so" and then recut the full word!
now THAT'S a bargain.... 2 for the price of 1!!!

also...  this entire month... get 20% off ALL ink pads!

thanks for stopping by!  Happy August

Goodbye September

well, here i go saying it again.... time just flies.  september came and went .... or is just about "went".  geeze.  did i accompl...